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This one gets a hearty two thumbs up from me.

Stopped by there a couple of nights ago to give them a try.

Pork Huarache – EXCELLENT!  Juicy tender pork, spiced just right. Huarache base made fresh from masa they make every day. Green chile salsa with great flavor and some serious afterburn

Chicken Empanadas – Better than Excellent. Last time I had empanadas that good there was a little Venezuelan lady making and frying them one at a time at a food cart. Mac Taco does it the same way; press out the masa, stuff, seal, and fry from scratch for every order

Deep fried beef cheek tacos – most people would think of these as toquitos. The beef cheek is so moist and full of flavor it’s hard to describe.

We also got a plain beef soft taco and a horchata.

All for $15

Want Mexican street food at it’s finest? Hit up the Mac Taco truck on Ashley Phosphate Rd.

Mac Taco on Urbanspoon

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