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Granny & Pappy’s Country Cafe

G&P is located in the strip shopping center where Sunset Oasis used to be… just down from Famulari’s on Trolley Rd

Menu simple country cooking. That’s a good thing, or at least it should be. I had the grilled pork chops. Menu listed as marinated and seasoned with Pappy’s special seasonings with 2 sides and dinner rolls.
Reality: Pappy must like salt… a lot and some fresh ground pepper.
Green beans were ok, tasted an awful lot like canned
onion rings were tasty.
no dinner rolls made it to the table

Anne had the chef salad minus ham and a bowl of bean and bacon soup. Waiter came back to the table to tell us they were out of hard boiled eggs, but they should be up by the time she finished her salad. They never showed up.
The bean and bacon “soup” was a bowl of white beans, salted to death, with a 1/2 strip of bacon lying on top.

If you want to try G&P’s I’d suggest you hurry, 
I give them 3 months on the long side of my survival estimate.

However, I will say that with some minor tweaks, this could be a good place to eat.


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